Funding Projects

We believe that everyone should have a decent, affordable home to live in. We’re proud to join forces with like-minded organisations, to share our ideas, and develop creative ways of tackling housing need.

Over the years, we have been involved in a number of pioneering projects that have enabled us to meet our Society’s objects; these have ranged from bringing over 1,000 empty properties back into habitable use through to supporting 244 families facing financial hardship to stay living in their home.

We are always looking for ways to invest our time, money, skills and energy into activities that bring social reward. Working closely with local communities, we are able to get a clear understanding of what is needed to improve their housing situation and the related funding requirement.

A funding proposal is then prepared and assessed by our board of directors; then, if approved, we devise a works programme and funding schedule in order to see a speedy completion of the proposed project.

Projects that we have considered over recent months include:

  1. Funding an innovative housing charity to help 23 prospective owners to self-build their new homes in Toxteth, one of the most deprived areas of Merseyside, each property will be constructed by charity employees, tradesmen and volunteers.
  2. Providing funds to refurbish a whole street of derelict properties planned for long-term let to a Housing Association.

We are shortly due to start working with a local community group in the Welsh Streets area of Liverpool to tackle housing issues relating to over 355 boarded-up properties.

There is now a strong and growing consensus that much more must be done to tackle the chronic shortage of housing in the UK; quite simply, if organisations like our own didn’t get involved, who will?