Community Investment

Our Society’s objects are: The relief of poverty through the promotion and funding of home ownership, affordable housing and social enterprise, the prevention of homelessness in society and the advancement of education particularly concerning the role of financial services in self-help and for the benefit of the community.

Since our inception, conditions for those in housing need have not improved to any great degree; even the housing boom of recent years has done very little to solve matters. The National Housing Federation, a campaign group, has stated that more than 2.65 million people in England will soon be forced to live in overcrowded conditions due to the lack of adequate housing; it also predicts that both local authority housing waiting lists will reach new highs and that house building figures will continue to fall to worrying low depths.

The economic turmoil caused by the banking crisis has fuelled increased home repossessions and unemployment; this forces many people to stay in homes that are too small for their needs and widespread problems in the areas of health, children’s education and family relationships occur.

A concerted effort has to be made by all government agencies to stem the tide of decay and depravation that is sweeping over our society; but sadly, a lack of public funding and social focus is severely impeding progress. This is where our Society sees the greatest need for its involvement.

We believe that by channeling funding into the provision of decent homes for people to live in, is paramount to an areas success and is the best use of our resources. For this reason, we support activities and projects that will have a positive impact and bring far reaching social benefits to the communities we serve.